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I already came in contact with film at a very young age. My father is a film maker and worked a lot from home. We had a Doka and a 16mm editing table in the house. I played with 16mm bobby’s in bath having no clue what their function was. At the age of four my dad made a short movie with me as main character. This movie premiered at the International Film Festival Rotterdam. But that was the only moment I was part of the spotlights. Working behind the camera is more my thing. In the past eight years I worked as director assistant and camera assistant at several film sets and discovered that being and working on a film set feels like home. In the future I hope to stay connected to the film industry, working on the set but also create my own productions.

Lotte’s Gaze (2015)

As my graduation project I made a short documentary in which I did research in who I am and how I became this person. I interviewed my parents and used existing footage for my documentary.

In this personal documentary, director Lotte Heerkens wonders who she is as a human being – and why she is like that. Was she born with her traits or was she mainly formed by her specific experiences? Has she always been both a home bird and a nomad, or did she develop this two-folded personality in her childhood? With the help of old home videos, interviews and personal footage, she investigates her past, present and future.

Lotte’s Gaze will be part of de ‘nieuwe lichting’ at the Dutch filmfestival in Utrecht from 23rd of September till the 2nd of October.

For more information about Lotte’s Gaze at the Dutch Filmfestival click here.

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Matteo (2012)

Matteo is a short movie about Matteo a young man from a small village in Italy. He comes to Amsterdam to look for a girl he met last summer in his village. But all he has is her name and the school she goes to. Will he find her in this big city?

Matteo is written and made by Dirk Windhorst and Lotte Heerkens. The short movie is part of our first project of the study iArts in Maastricht.

Music by Sir Ian/Bart Hoevenaars:

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